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PowerBlock 18kg Adjustable KettleBlock - 4-18kgs

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PowerBlock 18kg Adjustable KettleBlock - 4-18kgs
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PowerBlock 18kg Adjustable KettleBlock - 4-18kgs. The KettleBlock 40 replicates 8 standard Kettlebells, taking up 1/8th of the space and replacing 84 kgs of kettlebells at a fraction of the cost. You could expect to pay about double that for traditional Kettlebells and have 8 Kettlebells to store instead of 1 KettleBlock. The KettleBlock 40 gives you these Kettlebell increments: 4, 5, 7, 9, 14, 16, and 18Kg. KettleBlocks come with a wrist guard. The Slip on Wrist Guard is made of sweat band type material and has plastic padding strips sewn into it. Serves double duty as a Wrist Guard that offers support and a Sweat Band. Warrantee: The Professional Urethane series offers a Limited Lifetime Home use Warranty or a 3 year Light Commercial Warranty (supervised environment).

Kettlebell training is great for a strength training program that offers cardio benefits and works more muscles than normal dumbbell and barbell training as the off centre weight and motion of a kettle bell requires more stabiliser muscles to work the targeted muscles through a wider range of motion. Effectively large muscle groups are recruited and utilised simultaneously, including the constant activation of your core muscles. You can do many different exercises that you cant with dumbbells and barbells because you can swing kettlebells
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