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Fitness-Mad 12Kg Kettle Bell - Green

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Fitness-Mad 12Kg Kettle Bell - Green
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Fitness-Mad 12Kg Kettle Bell - Green. In recent years the kettlebell has once again become a highly popular exercise tool amongst athletes, fitness enthusiasts and martial artists as a kettlebell training delivers an unparalleled fitness workout. Working with kettlebells increases strength, endurance, agility and balance, challenging both one's muscular and cardio system with dynamic, total-body movements. Whether you want to burn fat or develop your cardio fitness or increase your strength it can all be done with a kettlebell. Fitness-Mad's Kettle bells feature an oversize powder coated handle that provides excellent grip whilst allowing for full and fluid motion. The base of each kettle bell is colour coded and covered with a heavy duty vinyl skin that not only looks great but helps to protect the floor. Available in Weights 4kg - 24kg.

Guide to Weight selection
If you are not sure which weight you need, as a rough guide
Women new to strength training should start with 4Kg
Fit Women (excl athletes) from 8Kg -12Kg
Men new to strength training should start with 8 - 12Kg
Fit Males used to Strength Training 12Kg - 16Kg
Athletes & Weight Trainers 20 - 24Kg
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