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Aqua Punching Bag Head Hunter - Red - 18 Inch

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Aqua Punching Bag Head Hunter - Red - 18 Inch
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Aqua Punching Bag Head Hunter - Red. Designed to provide you with new and innovative boxing equipment for all of your boxing or MMA fitness needs. Aqua Punching Bags have done this by harnessing the wonderful qualities of Water (H2O). When you hit the Aqua Head Hunter Punch Bag for the first time you will never go back to working out with a traditional heavy bag. Having a unique skin means this durable bag can take a barrage of beatings without fear of it ripping or tearing.

So far it is a hidden secret in the world of boxing. If you are looking to increase your punching power or just looking to get a good workout in while feeling what it would be like to hit someone in the ring, then this is the bag for you.

The materials used to create the aqua products were developed by one of the oldest and well respected marine manufacturing company in the USA. We know our heavy bags are incredibly durable and suitable in a professional or commercial gym and club environment. Bag Chain are not included, you can use rope to hang the bag or a single length chain available to buy from hard wear stores. Simply put a commercial D Bar or Clip on the end to attach to the punchbag.

Available in Sizes 9", 12", 18" and 21" in Colours Red, Blue, Orange and Black.

Approximate Punch Bag Weight: (When Filled)

9" Head Hunter Punch Bag - 6.8kg
12" Head Hunter Punch Bag - 15.8kg
18" Head Hunter Punch Bag - 54.4kg
21" Head Hunter Punch Bag - 86kg
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