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CoreX Weightlifting Chain with Collar - 30kg (Supplied as a Pair)

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CoreX Weightlifting Chain with Collar - 30kg (Supplied as a Pair)
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CoreX Weightlifting Chain with Collar - 30kg (Supplied as a Pair). These core-x fitness Weightlifting Chains with collars are ideal for adding more weight on to your Olympic bars to increase resistance gradually or for upping the weight on a maxed out weight bar. Weightlifting chains from CoreX Fitness help increase the resistance of your weight bar, as they lift off the ground gradually during deadlifts, bench press etc. The bar gets heavier as you push up as more of the chain is lifted from the ground, offering a new way to increase weight resistance as apposed to static weight plates.

One or more chains can be added but we recommend using equally balanced weights on either side, just as you would with plates. This way, both sides of your body are getting the same workout and it does not interfere with your grip. The collar is super easy to attach to any bar with an L screw to tighten up. The chain itself it made from high quality steel and is highly durable to ensure long lasting use.

R.R.P £149.99 Sugar Ray's Price £129.99

CoreX Fitness Weights Bar Chain Features:

Heavy duty Olympic collar with L screw for secure lock
Progressive lift - weight increases with height as chains lift
Welded links for durability
Zinc coated to prevent rust
Supplied as a Pair- both the same weight
Available in the following weights: 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 30kg
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