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CoreX Resistance Bands – Red

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CoreX Resistance Bands – Red
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CoreX Resistance Bands – Red (Low Resistance). Resistance Bands are a wonderfully versatile training tool for increasing resistance, therefore making the body work harder. This assists your body in the building of lean muscle and is great for toning up. Highly popular for its incredible versatility, this Core-X Fitness Resistance Band can be used in many different ways to increase muscle strength and appearance. Perfect for working your arms, core and lower body, use differently to achieve different goals. Use in conjunction with deadlifts and bench press, or stand on top of them whilst raising your arms to work upper arm and chest muscles. These are just two examples of some great simple, yet effective, exercises you can do with resistance bands.

Core X Fitness Resistance Bands – Red Features:

Increase resistance to any workout
Extremely versatile training tool
Alternative to weight resistance
Made of quality rubber
Available in three different resistances
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