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CoreX Pro Gym Strength Hammer - 12KG

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CoreX Pro Gym Strength Hammer - 12KG
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CoreX Pro Gym Strength Hammer - 12KG. Core X Pro Gym Hammers are a great way to exercise lots of muscle groups at the same time and are incredibly fun to use! Some experts have labelled Gym Hammers as one of the most intense and effective types of overhead training people can do. Pro Gym Hammers from Core-X Fitness are great for increasing functional strength and targeting all those muscles that traditional weight training doesn’t. A great way to train your core and striking speed, the Pro Gym Hammers are a popular choice amongst fighters, including Mixed Martial Artists and Boxers. Popular exercises with the Pro Gym Hammers include hammer smashes e.g. onto a training tyre or hammer twists which work your triceps. The best thing about hammers is how little it feels like exercising and the range of areas it can improve. Harness their huge strength building potential and pick up a Pro Gym Hammer today! 12kg Pro Hammer R.R.P £89.99 Sugar Ray's Price Now Only £79.99.

Core-X Pro Tyre Hammers Features:
Favoured by professional athlete, sport trainers such as Freddie Roach, Alex Ariza etc.
Great for rehabilitating shoulder injuries Improve flexibility & posture
Fun & effective to use Increase upper body and core strength Sledge-hammer shape with easy-grip handle
Core X Fitness have a range of sizes from 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg and 15kg to help you choose the right weight for your workout and your resilience level.
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