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CoreX Medicine Wall Ball 10kg - Red/White

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CoreX Medicine Wall Ball 10kg - Red/White
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CoreX Medicine Wall Ball 10kg - Red/White. The Wall Ball from CoreX Fitness is a great tool for increasing core strength, and providing a total body workout. Great Hybrid Medicine ball offers all the advantages of a normal medicine ball while allowing you to use it against the wall for slam throws and also for more adventurous throwing techniques that are not possible with a conventional med ball because of how hard it is. 5kg Weight R.R.P £59.99 Sugar Ray's Special Price £49.99.

Extremely versatile, you can use the Wall Ball for various exercises including throws, sit ups, lunges, push-ups, slams, squats and much more. The most popular exercise is squatting down and throwing the wall ball to a target on a wall above you before catching it and repeating. It is essential for this exercise that the wall ball is not going to cause serious injury if not caught, like a normal medicine ball may which is why CoreX Fitness Wall Balls are made from soft PU and filled with sand.

Add resistance to your workout or practice explosive throws with the high quality Wall Ball from CoreX. Complete with bold design and weight labeled on the side for easy identification, these are ideal additions to your workout routine.

Core-X Soft Wall Gym Ball Features:

Versatile training tool
Increase core-strength
Made from high quality, durable PU
Labelled with weight
Sand Filled for no bounceback
Ideal for Slams & Wall Throws
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