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CoreX Fitness Competition Kettlebell - 20kg

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CoreX Fitness Competition Kettlebell - 20kg
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CoreX Fitness Competition Kettlebell - 20kg. These Competition Kettlebells are ideal for adding resistance to your workouts and practicing for weightlifting competitions. Help develop total body strength, power, and endurance.

If you are a professional weight lifter or Kettle Bell athlete, these competition style kettlebells are for you. Fitness training with kettlebells means you can do all sorts of exercises including lifts, swings, squats and more. By integrating kettlebells into your workout, you can exercise more effectively; enhancing the upper body, abdominal and lower limb muscles as well as internal core strength. These kettlebells from CoreX Fitness offer very good value for money as they are an extremely versatile training tool, kettlebells can be hoisted up with ropes for a different type of weight training.

Available in a range of increments, the kettlebells can be used for switching between high and low intensity weightlifting, also called interval training. They have a solid chunky, flat base which means they will not roll around despite their mainly spherical shape. This, makes them great for storing away safely if you plan to use them in a home gym. They have a chunky stainless steel handle for easy gripping and the weight is displayed on the side for easy identification. Purple 20kg Kettlebell.

A great strength and conditioning training tool, add kettlebells to your workout routine! R.R.P £79.99 Sugar Ray's Price £69.99.

Core-X Fitness Competition Kettlebell Features:

Labelled with weight for easy identification
Unpainted handle allows chalk to stick better
Competition Style Kettlebells
Made from a steel NOT iron shell
All weights are the same size makes going up a weight an easier transition
Available in the following weights: 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg

Sold individually.
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