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CoreX Fitness Anti Burst Gym Ball 65cm

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CoreX Fitness Anti Burst Gym Ball 65cm
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CoreX Fitness Anti Burst Gym Ball 65cm. The Anti-Burst Gym Swiss Ball from CoreX Fitness is an extremely versatile workout tool, offering many benefits including, but not limited to, increased muscular and core strength, better posture, coordination and a more toned physique. Made from high quality PVC, the Gym Ball is high quality and anti-burst load of up to 200kg. Perform many exercises with the gym ball such as sit-ups, with your feet resting on the ball, push-ups with your thighs resting on the ball, crunches, squats, bicep curls and many more.

Alternatively, use the ball in conjunction with other equipment, e.g. weights to target two key areas like strength and coordination at the same time for a thorough workout and to help you get the most from the exercise. Use the fitness ball on any hard floor to prevent the ball slipping.

R.R.P £19.99 Sugar Ray's Price £14.99

Core-X Fitness Gym Ball Features:

High Quality PVC constructions
Easy to inflate/deflate with supplied hand pump
Anti-burst gym ball will hold load of up to 200kg
Develop Balance and Coordination.
Can be used for Yoga & Pilates
Perfect for weight training and physical therapy
Available in two diameters to suit your height and requirements; 55cm and 65cm.

Colour: Purple

Dimension: 65cm
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