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CoreX Fitness 1 Inch Grip Disc (2.5kg)

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CoreX Fitness 1 Inch Grip Disc (2.5kg)
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CoreX Fitness 1" Grip Disc (2.5kg). These new Grip Discs from Core X Fitness can be used in addition with curl bars or straight bars for all weightlifting purposes. Set up your own mini weight room at home. When it comes to upper body training, weight plate exercises are the perfect way to start small and build up.

Ideal for mixing the heaviness on your weight bar, the Grip Discs are great for exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bicep curls and more. Offering extremely good value for money, they are superb weights made from high quality cast iron so they will not chip and will sit together uniformly on the bar.

They have three hand slots spaced evenly around the plate for even weight distribution and special finger guide grip marks which make them easy and comfortable to hold if using handheld or when swapping weights on the bar. Super versatile, use the Grip Disc as a handheld weight with the easy grip edge feature to mix up your routine and work those triceps with overhead lifts. Alternatively, you could use these to add resistance to a training sledge.

Grab these great value Grip Discs in a range of weights now and start training. Lifting has never been easier or safer!

Core-X Standard Weight Plates Features:

1” Diameter hole in the centre- for use with 1” wide standard size weight bars
3 Easy grip handles with finger guide
Labelled with weight on side of plate for identification ease
Available in the following weights: 1.25KG, 2.5KG, 5KG, 10KG, 15KG
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