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Ampro Mirage V2 Sparring Headguard - Red/White/Blue

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Ampro Mirage V2 Sparring Headguard - Red/White/Blue
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Ampro Mirage V2 Sparring Headguard - Red/White/Blue. Full grain leather Mexican style headgear is composed of our amQuad four-layer safety sandwich foam for unparalleled protection, performance and coverage. Headgear offers cheek protection with superb spar visibility. Lace up adjustable safety pad and closure on the back of the head for a tight, secure and hassle-free custom fit every time. Chin features buckle and hook an sloop closure for less movement during training. Because the headgear is made using four hand moulded foam layers it offers better protection and form fit for comfort than other head guards. Available in Sizes Small, Medium or Large in Colours Red/White/Blue or Blue/White/Red.
Benefits of Ampro Quad Foam Section

Foam Part 1 of the Head Guard is For Protection
Foam Part 2 is for Shape
Foam Part 3 is for Feel
Foam Part 4 is for Form Fit
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