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Adidas Speed Boxing Set - Gloves & Hook and Jab Pads

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Adidas Speed Boxing Set - Gloves & Hook and Jab Pads
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Adidas Speed Boxing Set - Gloves & Hook and Jab Pads.

Develop lightning-fast hands with the Speed 100 Boxing Gloves. Built for toughness, these gloves have a one-piece PU injection mould construction. A hook-and-loop strap lets you adjust tightness, while high-compression padding absorbs the shock of your punches. PU outside for durability and perfect tightening of both fist and wrist during training. 'One piece' high-compression injection mould foam pre-shaped for homogeneous shock absorption. Rigid hook-and-loop strap with secure elastic closure for quick and firm tightening. Construction designed to optimise a boxer's speed and performance movements. Available in 6oz-16oz

Adidas PU Speed Hook and Jab Pads. Improve your timing and accuracy with these boxing mitts. Made with durable PU, they're built to withstand countless jabs and hooks. A grip ball at the palm offers a secure hold. Highly durable PU outer material. Foam inner padding for good impact absorption. Grip ball at palm so coach can hold mitt firmly. Printed gradient graphic with adidas 3-Stripes and brandmark
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